2024 Predictions

Lynn Nicholls
3 min readJan 3, 2024
Photo by Ricardo Loaiza on Unsplash

2023 is out the door.

Time to look at 2024.

105.9 The Region asked me for new year predictions. I was happy to chat with Shaliza about what may come.

We’re at the tail end of a 2020 hangover that will still trickle into 2024. This, however, is the year to come out of it. If you listen to your intuition, you can speed it up.

World events are tough to predict. There are so many people and variables involved. But here you go!


Taylor Swift continues her rise. Travis is a keeper. Taylor comes to the rescue of farmers/agriculture.

Prince Harry struggles with mental health issues. Their relationship may have 2 more years max.

King Charles will put several new programs in place.

The age 78 isn’t good for him. Some kind of fluid build up. Possibly congestive heart failure/pneumonia/Edema.

The Kardashians will continue to create new shows and companies. I know. I know. When will they stop. It’s actually very impressive.


Dead bodies burning. Mausoleum, morgue, crematorium or old church with dead bodies in it burns.

Explosion in major hospital trauma unit.

Volcano/earthquake/natural disaster in Northeast Africa or Asia.

This is a few years early but 2027 seems to have another

pandemic-like time.

Not technically a disaster but in February, crime will increase dramatically; or there will be a major criminal event.

Medical Advancements

Cloning/Replicating of healthy cells.These are “given” to the unhealthy person and helps them recover.

Dramamine kept popping up. Either there is something in Dramamine will be found to help with curing a disease; or a new medication is an incredible help. with a stomach ailment or dizziness.


Real estate will start its recovery in June/July.

I see skyscrapers and am not entirely sure what it’s about. Wondering if a large city is going to make major changes in how they deal with skyscrapers.

A referendum for something beyond ridiculous


Being a Toronto station, the inevitable came up.

Will the Leafs win the cup? No. A defenseman or wing will get “crushed”. May be off the ice. Will impact his ability to play for an undetermined length of time but he will recover.

How will the Raptors do? Mediocre. In about two years will acquire a giant of a human with incredible reflexes and strength. The “he came out of nowhere” player.

How about the Jays? B+. They will be like a wave. Some good. Then bad. Repeat. There will be a connection to the Red Sox.

In general, there will be more good than bad. The media will, of course, focus on the bad because it sells. Maybe, just maybe, if we all try to create our best lives, that will have a ripple effect on the world.

The best way to predict YOUR future is to create it yourself. Listen to your intuition; Follow it and you will create your best life.

Happy 2024!



Lynn Nicholls

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