Christmas with the Other Side

Lynn Nicholls
4 min readDec 11, 2020

The Christmas season may be a not-so-grand finale to a turbulent year, especially if you lost someone in 2020. Lift your Christmas spirit by connecting to your loved ones in spirit. Using a few simple techniques, you may be able to connect with your loved ones on the Other Side (OS) over the holidays.

The first step to connecting is to get to a calm, neutral state of mind. Emotion will prevent a good connection. Even extreme joy will interfere with connecting to the OS.

Breathe slowly; savor/be present in a moment (drinking tea, watching the snow fall); go for a drive. Do whatever works best for you to find a few moments of respite from grief; people; and the chaos of the season. There are many online resources and apps to help you calm your mind.

When connecting with the OS, you should expect nothing in particular. Allow any thoughts and feelings (emotional and physical) to freely float in. Do not force yourself to try to feel something. If these activities do not produce results, be patient and try another day. It takes practice.

The simplest thing you can do to connect is to make a request: “<Insert loved one’s name or title. e.g., Mom>, let me know that you are with me and make it really obvious.” You may not get an immediate response but, if you pay attention, you will get your connection shortly. It will be something that will leave no doubt in your mind that they are with you. Don’t worry about them frightening you. That’s the movies.

You can also say, “What will I experience with you before I go to sleep tonight?” Allow any random thoughts to appear. You may see a flash of something or hear a word. Do not judge it. Go about your day and see how it comes about. You may get the strangest answer, such as a thought about a purple dragon. Trust it. Later in the day, you may see a car with a purple dragon graphic on it. That’s the OS’ way of saying they are with you. Why did you get a peculiar message? They want to make sure their “Hi! I’m here” message stands out and that it is not something you would normally see or experience.

Do you miss their hugs and touches? You can ask them to hug you; touch you; make you cold or warm. The hands and face are the best places to be touched because they are so sensitive. However, if your Mom liked to tweak your toes as a sign of affection, ask her to do that. Notice if you feel a sensation, tingling, or cold or warm feeling without creating it yourself. Then you can say, “<Spirit’s name>, if this is you, do something else and make it really obvious”.

If you have had prior experiences with your Spirits, ask for that experience. If, for example, your mom connects through the scent of her perfume, ask her to do that. If your brother on the OS was a mechanic and sends the smell of vehicle exhaust, there you go! Smells may be tricky at Christmas if food is being prepared or scented candles are burning. Make sure the area is clear of scents before trying this.

Many people visit the cemetery at Christmas. If this makes you feel connected to your loved one, go. Your Spirits do not live at the cemetery but will gladly meet you there. Chat, cry, laugh. Feel as though they are right there with you. While you are there, ask them to let you know they are around before you go to sleep that night and to make it really obvious.

If you do not feel confident in your intuitive abilities and have a pet, you may be in for a fun time. Animals can sense the OS better than humans. If you have a pet, ask the OS to connect with them. When your pet is sitting or walking calmly, ask your loved one to make your pet go into another room or scratch its ear. You may notice over the holidays that your pet is intensely staring and possibly growling at a chair, the wall or the air. You can say, “Whoever is here, please walk into the other room; towards the tv; or whichever direction you choose. See if your pet tracks that movement.

Your loved ones will be with you at Christmas whether you sense them or not. They never miss a party. Smile and say, “Merry Christmas”. Believe and acknowledge that they are with you and they will send you a Christmas connection.

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