Ready or Not…It’s 2021! Predictions for the Year.

Lynn Nicholls
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A new year is often met with excitement. 2021 is being greeted by many with less positive feelings. But wait…it is not all bad. Making grand scale predictions is not something I normally do. The future is flexible and there are too many variables involved to get an accurate reading. As a human, you have free choice. If you make choice A, then certain options open up. If you choose B, then other options become available. In predicting 2021, it involves billions of humans and their choices. The exponential possibilities of options are endless.

When asked to make 2021 predictions for a radio show, I thought this would be a challenging undertaking. I thought I should grab a tea and sit by the water. Then I figured that a long drive would work. After devising several other approaches, I gave myself a mental facepalm. I’ll do what I do best and read 2021 as though it is a person. This put my intuitive mind in gear and the information flowed easily.

As I do with any reading, I made an Earl Grey tea in my favorite mug; went to my office; sat in my comfy chair; and picked up my notepad. The fun part was allowing 2021 to appear on my client sofa as a person.

Enter 2021! 2021 is a slim man who stands about 5’8” tall. He is slightly unshaven and has a full head of grey hair with a wave. His clothes are loose-fitting and slightly wrinkled but had style. He is rough looking at first glance but is a pretty cool guy. He was seated leisurely in the corner of the sofa. His right elbow was propped up on the arm holding a lit cigarette. “First of all, please put out your cigarette.” He took one last puff and the cigarette disappeared. 2021 has an air of attitude but is compliant. He reminds me of a younger Sam Elliot.

2021’s name is “Gerald.” That’s an odd name for me to come up with. I searched for its meaning online. Gerald means “Rules with Spear; Rule of the spear.” I interpret that as having to do with vaccinations.

My chat with “Gerald/2021” revealed interesting information. The general overview of 2021 is not a doom and gloom reading but it is not going to be an easy year. Let’s get to it!

We experience a 2020 hangover through the first quarter of the year. April and May have glimmers of hope. May and June shows a split world with regards to the pandemic; and which countries are going to support or not support other countries. Unfortunately, in June or July there is a reappearance of the BLM movement in full force (North America). It is not known what event precipitates this movement. If it is not BLM, it is similar. There are some peculiar, borderline funny, events in August and September but they are generally good and rather peaceful months. The last quarter of the year shows a country that is ravaged by mass destruction and disaster in November.


In general, we will feel “normal” into 2022/23.

At least two more mutations of the virus are to come.

Travel to and from certain countries/areas will be restricted for several years. I do not know which countries they are. The import of products from these countries may also face restrictions.

Talks of vehicle travel between the United States from Canada will slowly begin in May/June. The border will still have restrictions into the fall.

There will be a resurgence of a COVID like virus in three years. I am not a conspiracy theorist but just as scientists are working tirelessly to defeat the Covid-19 virus, there are some putting the same effort into perfecting it. We will, however, be prepared to deal with it. COVID-19 research will continue for years.


Kanye West: Significant weight change due to health issue or medication.

Harry Styles: Connection to AC/DC.

Leonardo DeCaprio: Successful business venture outside of acting.

Taylor Swift: Connection to Belgium and/or Germany.

Elon Musk: Faces backlash on a project he has yet to unveil.

JLo: Deals with a health issue that will temporarily impede her ability to perform. Lasts longer and is more serious than a cold or flu. She will recover.

Drake: Opens a studio for young musicians; or a music program to get the music of young musicians out to the public.

A famous Fred or Frank/Frances will experience dire health issues. Not sure if there is recovery.

Jennifer Anniston, Avril Lavigne and someone from the cast of Happy Days will regain popularity.

A choose your adventure type spy show will be a one hit/one season wonder.


Oshawa or Ottawa, Ontario (they sound similar): Deals with buildings and/or land.

France: The fall of large structures. Not sure if it’s a natural phenomenon or man-made.

Bahrain: The nature of this disaster is not known but it is massive.


There are two other mass illnesses by 2025. Their relation to COVID-19 is unknown. One will attack the large intestine. The other relates to the nervous system.

Russia experiences a wave of conspiracies and political unrest. There is talk of a part of the country breaking off on it’s own.

A vault or a mass holding of money/jewelry will be compromised in the United States.

City or country with a W may be in big trouble on all levels.

Falcons will become prominent. It may be a team or the actual bird.

Aspen, the city or tree, makes news.

Australia (especially Brisbane) comes out leading the pack with good news: policies, medical ingenuity and education. Scotland also shows up in these arenas.

Indigenous peoples in Canada will make great strides forward.

Climate change and environment will be boosted with funding and effort.

A new online musical forum will burst forward and be wildly successful. Holograms are a huge part of this.


Common herbal remedies will become useful in a new way. Ashwagandha stands out as does, what looks to be, a black mushroom or gnarly bark. I also heard the lyric, “warm smell of colitas” from the song Hotel California by the Eagles. Upon searching it, I discovered that colitas means little tails in Spanish; in Mexican slang it refers to buds of the cannabis (marijuana) plant. I interpret this to mean that it will become legal in more areas.

Autism and/or Alzheimers/Dementia will see a growth in research, knowledge and treatment.

Lupus and/or Lou Gehrig’s will be linked to a gene or a genetic marker making treatment more successful.

Possible cure for Colitis and/or Crohn’s disease.

If you are leery about this year, take comfort in the fact that the word I get to represent 2021 is “GLOW” and it has nothing to do with colitas.<insert laugh track> It is cheerful, confident and encouraging. Whatever the year brings, know that you create your future by the choices you make. Think positively; trust your gut; and do what’s right for you and your family. Happy 2021! Glow!

  • Note: These predictions were made for “In Conversation with Ann Rohmer”. Original air date — January 9, 2021 on 105.9 The Region. The segment was recorded on January 6th, 2021 at 1pm. My one prediction may have been about the attack on the Capitol building in the United States that happened shortly after.
  • As with any predictions, these are to be taken as malleable suggestions and entertainment. They are my thoughts and feelings and should, by no means, create fear or dread.



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